RTS Formulas

Sprint Cars

Purpose built chassis, powered by 360ci V8 Chevrolet producing approx 500bhp. One of the quickest formulas on UK short tracks.

 Euro Sprints

Are designed for 11-16 year olds using the Briggs Stratton   world series engine

Ninja - Sprints

A  kart based formula, fitted with a "cadet" spec Honda engine, with a controlled gear kit, to control speeds. For children aged 6 - 11years of age.

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2.0lt Ford pinto powered purpose built cars. As raced throughout the UK in various forms. Limited contact permitted.

RTS Micro Stock Cars

The Micro Stock Car is a nudge and spin formula using small lightweight saloon or hatch back cars with the addition of  iron work, . If what you require is to gently push your opponent wide or spin him to the infield then this formula is for you.

Stock Rods 

built to national rules



Non-contact racing for children aged 10-16 yrs, providing the opportunity for parents with limited knowledge of mechanics to go racing with their children. Up to 1000cc engines, using road legal tyres (No Yokohamas)


Cheap entry level into motorsport. Cars are upto 1400cc, standard engine and suspension, on road legal tyres, with a 4 post roll-cage. Large grids of cars give the drivers and spectators exciting racing.

V6 Modifieds

The  V6 Classic Modifieds are a completely unique formula  The formula was developed to deliver an inexpensive, high performance retro class that would appeal equally to the drivers and the paying public .
With this in mind the formula has materialised as pre 1974 cars, V6 Ford powered and running on retro high profile slicks.


Standard road cars using  big BMW,  Jaguar's Mazdas,  with minimal preparation offering cheap non contact racing.


Any Hot Rod  using a ford engine with a single carburettor. 





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