Stacy's lap top is down at present, below is the final finishing positions.

Trophy's will be presented at our next meeting.

Ninja Sprints 
1st 610 Billy Sandford
2nd 239 Lewis Smith
3rd 207 Anthony Weaver

Junior Hot Rods
1st 35 Steven Chandler
2nd 714 Reece Peters
3rd 59 Murray Austen

Euro Rods
1st Gary Reeve
2nd 24 Mark Payne
3rd 133 Terry Emberson

1st 51 Nick Smith
2nd 82 Steve Richard
3rd 535 Ryan Cunningham

Street Stocks
1st 36 Stephen Austen
2nd 84 Steve Smith
3rd 184 Chris Smith

Stock Rods
1st 17 Michael Benstead
2nd 103 John Seex
3rd 99 Ash Braim