Booking in details

Drivers please read;

At all times whilst attending this event you are bound by the rules as set out in the rule page as found on the RTS Web site, and should you not understand those rules or disagree with them in any way, then do not book into this meeting, by paying your entry fee you agree to be bound by those rules and are bound by them in all matters.

Gates open on Friday @ 3 pm,.

Driver entry fee is 40 for this event to include up to four people at point of entry in the same vehicle, that will include children and concessions, all heads count, the hiding of bodies in vehicles, if discovered you will be asked to leave the site with immediate effect, so please understand that simple rule our future at the venue depends on our honesty.

Payment must be made by bank transfer, sort code 11-00-32 Ac # 00858279  please ensure you  quote your name / formula  and a contact phone # so you booking can be confirmed by text, closing date for bookings is 26th October.

Notes to all drivers racing at Motormania

Gates open from 3 pm Friday.

If you have pre booked you will be notified by text as conformation of your booking, if you have no conformation it will mean you have not pre paid, if pre paid which is a requirement, you will find your name on the booking list at the main gate as you arrive, if you have not you will be requested to pay Lydden Hill the normal entry fee for you the driver and all your passengers, you will then be required to pay an additional 50 to sign on to race , so please ensure you have pre paid, please understand your entry fee only covers those in the same vehicle not in the car behind you, they all pay normal gate entry fee, so make sure you pre pay it is simple and cheap.

You will be directed to your parking area by an official. when you are settled go to the oval race control point and sign in, hand your signing on card to the scrutineer when he comes to your race vehicle to scrutineer it, no car will be allowed out on the race track without a scrutineering sticker on his car, make sure you have one, that is the rule, your responsibility. Cars can be scrutineered on friday but you have got to get your act together for that to happen, your choice.

Drivers briefings will take place at the oval racing control point ensure you are present when called.

Race receivers are mandatory in all RTS groupss Segto are exempt.

Drivers are required to do two laps of practice only on Saturday morning to familiarise yourself with the track layout, each race will be called over the tannoy, it is your responsibility to understand what is going on and how your grids work.

In order to ensure the free flowing of the races, should you be able to push a broken down car back to the pit area that would be appreciated, each group is allocated a time slot, exceed the time slot with time wasting and general not getting your act together you will find you are racing in reduced races or not.

Contact is strictly taboo, in language you understand, hit the car in front and you are black flagged, no excuses excepted, ignore the flag, put it on the trailer.

Trophy presentation will be at the end of racing in the grid line up area.

Remind everyone, we are gusts at Lydden Hill race track, should you be witness to any unruly behaviour, acts of vandalism, please advise a member of staff immediately, as it only takes one idiot to tarnish us all with the same brush.

Lydden Hill operate a no nonsense policy, when you are asked to comply with a reasonable request by an official, please do so.

As you will note from recent press reports regarding noise, it is a requirement your car is fitted with the approved silencers of either ORC, SEGTO, NON COMPLIANCE MEANS NO RACING.

Enjoy the motormania  racing whatever you race.


Vince O'Connor

Provisional Race Times and schedule.

0900 to 0925 long circuit practice

0930 to 1000 Oval practice

10.05 to 10.15 Heat 1 group A

10.20 to 10.30 Heat 1 group B

10.35 to 10.45 Heat 1 group C

10.55 to 11.45 Oval races

11.50 to 12.25 Lunch

12.30 to 12.40 Heat 2 group A

12.45 to 12.55 Heat 2 group B

13.00 to 13.10 Heat 2 group C

13.15 to 14.05 Oval races

14.10 to 14.25 Final group A

14.30 to 14.45Final group B

14.50 to 15.05Final group C

15.10 to 16.00 Oval finals